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  • EDGE helps building owners design resource-conscious buildings optimized to perform well, to drive down utility costs and increase price competitiveness.

Why opt for a resource-efficient building? Because the long-term value far outweighs the initial investment.

A resource-conscious building is optimized to perform well, which drives down utility costs. Prices can be kept competitive, which attracts tenants and guests who appreciate affordability. Lower break-even occupancy rates protect against market variability. And investors respond well to a strong balance sheet.

Extra capex of just two percent has been known to produce savings greater than 10 times the initial cost of building green. A resource-efficient building will also have greater market value due to its ability to deliver on the operational front.

  1. Produces a track record of performance.
  2. Creates brand differentiation.
  3. Drives profitability that leads to scalability.
  4. Sends a positive signal to investors.
  5. Shows pride of ownership.
  6. Provides leadership by example.
  7. Supports a solid balance sheet.
  8. Ensures cost control and consistency across properties.
  9. Complements efficiencies in construction and labor.
  10. Dovetails well with other sustainability practices.

“We have a strong ethos of corporate responsibility. EDGE channels that passion into reality in a way that our investors understand.”

– Santiago Mayoral Álvarez, Director of Corporate Finance and Investor Relations, Hoteles City Express