Sustainability at Scale: Setting your Green Building Strategy with EDGE

Buildings contribute to 37% of the world’s global energy consumption and contribute over one third to all man-made greenhouse gas emissions. With increasing pressure on companies to reduce the carbon impact of business while maintaining strong financial results, decarbonizing buildings is an essential part of a sustainability strategy. Find out how IFC’s EDGE App can help companies across Africa create a sustainability strategy and bring business benefits to your organization.

Clients will learn:

  • Learn how green buildings fit into company’s sustainability strategy
  • Understanding the business benefits green building certification can unlock
  • Hear from SGS clients in Africa and discover how EDGE has helped them decarbonise their buildings


  • How has the green building market evolved in Africa?
    • What is EDGE and how can it help companies set a sustainability strategy?
    • Case study: REALL, Ghana
    • Case study: Acorn Holdings, Kenya
    • Case study: Alley roads, South Africa
    • Q&A

Event Details

April 5, 2023

2:00 pm - 3:00 pm GMT



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