Everyone wins by building green.

The state-of-the-art, cloud-based engine has a sophisticated set of city-based climate and cost date, consumption patterns, and algorithms for predicting performance results. This makes it easy to calculate the environmental impact of your design choices and the cost of going green.

Embodied Energy
in Materials

The features of the EDGE App


Bio-Climatic Modeling

EDGE is a location-specific, with climate and lifestyle data for thousands of cities around the world.


Cost Calculator

EDGE helps you to decide the best green options, estimating the incremental costs of building green and payback period through estimated utility savings.


Streamlined Certification Process

EDGE simplifies the certification workflow, allowing you to upload compliance documentation directly into the EDGE App.



EDGE can be used for environmental and impact reporting on carbon emissions reduction, energy and water savings.


Begin using the EDGE App today.

1: Become a user of the free EDGE App

Sign up for your free user account.

2: Design your building

Discover the best green building strategies to reduce the energy, water, and embodied energy of your building, while staying within budget.

3: Meet the EDGE standard

Meet the standard of at least 20 percent savings in the categories of energy, water, and embodied energy in materials compared to a conventional building to qualify for certification.

4: Register and certify

Register and certify your project through the EDGE App.

Watch our EDGE App demo videos to learn more.

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    EDGE by Grupo IKON: Creating Customer Value

    Grupo IKON is disrupting the real estate sector in Mexico with residential projects such as Zivalam in Cancun. Co-founder and managing partner Sergio Ramos believes that profit is not everything.

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    EDGE in Nigeria: A Proof of Concept for Mass Housing

    Leaders in the property sector are working to prove the concept that it is possible for mass housing to be built in Nigeria with affordable green homes.

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    EDGE in Mexico: High-Value Green Homes

    As an international brand, EDGE is the certification of choice for residential developers in Mexico. They see the convenience and lack of complexity during the certification process as invaluable.

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