The Market Accelerator for Green Construction - A Partnership Between IFC and the UK Government

IFC and the UK Government have partnered to provide blended concessional finance for the financial intermediaries in 22 countries, including 8 African countries, to expand their green building portfolios, known as the Market Accelerator for Green Construction (MAGC).

MAGC Research Program

The MAGC Research Program aims to produce evidence that can be used to refine Green Building certifications and further motivate the uptake of green construction over conventional approaches.

MAGC Green Building Market Stakeholder Assessments

The UK-IFC Market Accelerator for Green Construction (MAGC) Research Program includes an assessment of perceived motivations and obstacles in selected Green Building markets. This assessment is based on a survey of nine stakeholder groups, including developers, real estate practitioners (i.e., brokers, real estate agents, and/or property managers), real estate investors (i.e., funds, REITs, and/or corporate landlords), financial institutions, building experts (i.e., architects, engineers, contractors, and Green Building experts), policy makers, commercial occupiers, and residential occupiers (i.e., tenants and homeowners).

MAGC Green Building Market Maturity Assessments

The Green Building Market country notes summarize key market indicators based on IFC’s research on policy environment, building construction, and Green Building certification and finance.

The notes include the most recent Green Building developments in each country, coinciding with IFC’s with the launch of the UK-IFC Market Accelerator for Green Construction (MAGC) program.

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