EDGE has broadened its scope beyond new buildings to meet growing demand for certification.

EDGE has been expanded to include the full stage of a building’s life cycle, making it possible to certify existing buildings and major renovations in addition to new construction. The decision was made to meet client demand for the certification of existing stock.

As is the case with the certification of new design with EDGE, the assessment of existing buildings and major renovations attests to the building’s features, not its performance. EDGE serves as an asset rating instrument that defines whether the building has met the minimum standard of 20 percent less energy, 20 percent less water and 20 percent less embodied energy in materials compared to a base case building.

Including certification for buildings of all vintages is beneficial to managers, banks and buyers.



Portfolio owners and real estate investment management companies can certify their stock to prove the resource efficiency of their assets.



Banks offering mortgages and financing energy retrofit projects can take a measurable approach to reducing the risk associated with property investments.



Homebuyers purchasing a pre-existing home are assured of the quality of their investment and know that they are doing the right thing for the environment.

Existing Buildings FAQs

Is operational information required for existing building certification?

Operational performance is not required to gain certification for new design, existing buildings or renovations. The intention of EDGE is to predict future performance, not measure actual energy and water usage.

Is the EDGE standard the same for both new and existing buildings? Are materials treated differently?

The EDGE standard is the same for all buildings irrespective of the stage of their life cycle, and the same base case conditions apply. The only difference is that materials in buildings older than five years are considered embodied-energy neutral, to be indicated as “re-use of existing materials” within the EDGE App.

Is only a post-construction review necessary when certifying an existing building?

There is no design stage review for existing buildings, as only post-construction is applicable. However, buildings undergoing renovations (greater than 25% of major elements) may apply for a design stage review if they choose to do so.

What if purchase receipts are not available for compliance purposes?

In the absence of purchase receipts, proof of installation can be provided using photographs or other evidence. If a measure cannot be verified, for example insulation installed inside a wall that is not visible, then that measure cannot be claimed.

Interested in certifying a pre-existing building? The first step towards certification is to create your project within the EDGE App. To review pricing and request a quotation for a project, choose your country in the Certify section.

EDGE Experts are available to provide technical assistance to clients in the certification of existing buildings and retrofits. While not required, you may be interested in choosing one of our EDGE Experts Around the World to help expedite your project.

For additional inquiries about the expansion of EDGE beyond new buildings, email edge@ifc.org.

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