What is EDGE?

Used in over 100 countries, EDGE (“Excellence in Design for Greater Efficiencies”) is a free software, a green building standard, and an international green building certification system. A green building solution created by the International Finance Corporation (IFC), a member of the World Bank Group, EDGE empowers you to optimize your designs to use less energy, water, and embodied energy in materials.

Why do you need EDGE?

EDGE includes a web-based application to help identify the most cost-effective ways to reduce the resource intensity of a building.

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    Momentum is Building for EDGE in Colombia.

    Developers, financial institutions, and green building professionals are working together to transform the construction sector in Colombia. See some of the many faces of those who are making a difference by adopting EDGE certification, to deliver better quality to their customers, become more profitable, and build a better world for all.

EDGE will allow you to:


Calculate the most efficient measures to design a green building (residential or commercial)


Attract better financing rates for you and your customers


Make your offer more competitive and earn a greater share of the market


Gain multinational tenants, increase occupancy rates, and ensure cost control across properties

EDGE’S Differentiation Value

Free Software

Free Software

Start using EDGE’s app now free of charge!

Local Baseline in for Every Country

Local Baseline in for Every Country

Adjusted benchmarks according to where you are building

Calculate Costs Automatically

Calculate Costs Automatically

Built-in calculator to automatically estimate the additional cost of building green. Implement cost efficient measures to label your project green

EDGE Experts

EDGE Experts

Trained professionals available in your country who can guide you along the certification process

Certify any Building Type

Certify any Building Type

EDGE is available to certify homes, offices, retail spaces, industrial buildings, schools, hospitals, hotels, and places of worship

Streamlined Certification Process

Streamlined Certification Process

EDGE will allow you to certify your project in just a few simple and easy steps

How Does It Work?

Choose the green building strategies that fit best with your design (you can do this with the help of an EDGE Expert)
The EDGE app will calculate their financial and environmental impacts across energy, water, and embodied energy in materials.
Register your project with the certifier available in your country
Upload project documentation directly into the EDGE app and initiate workflow
Your preliminary certification will be ready in approximately 3 weeks*!
*Estimated average time if there are no observations from an auditor

Do you need assistance?

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Over 5000 developers around the world are choosing EDGE to certify their housing developments, unlocking several benefits for their companies and their clients.

  • “By certifying our projects with EDGE, we have been able to attract better financing rates for us and our customers.”

    Alexander Ubaque

    Business Development Manager, Constructora Capital

  • “Our company has gained a competitive advantage aligning our portfolio to ESG goals and the Paris Agreement. We are proud to have certified Paseo del Río, Colombia’s largest certified commercial space with EDGE”

    Fabián Sanjuán

    Portfolio Manager, AshmoreAVENIDA

  • “Building green is about resource-efficiency, which is translated in real terms as cost savings for families all over Latin America.”

    Randall Roker

    CIO and Sustainability Board Member, Paladin Realty

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