Bodega Fomeque

Bodega Fomeque

Each morning, over 12,000 tons of food are distributed at the Corporación de Abastos de Bogotá (Corabastos) market. As the second largest food market in Latin America, Corabastos contains about 80 “bodegas,” or warehouses, in total feeding more than 12 million Colombians per day. When one of the warehouses, Bodega Fomeque, began to suffer serious structural damage from the neighboring La Vaca wetlands, Corabastos enlisted the help of Concesionaria Covial SA to rebuild the warehouse using sustainable methods.

The new Bodega Fomeque building is more structurally sound while aiming to minimize harm to the natural environment. Sustainable construction materials such as honeycomb clay blocks, finished concrete flooring, and steel-clad sandwich panels were all carefully chosen, resulting in a reduction of 77% embodied energy in materials. The building saves energy through measures such as a skylight that provides natural daylight to 50% of the top floor area and energy-efficient lighting, while auto-shut off and water-efficient faucets reduce water consumption.

Concesionaria Covial SA has worked with Corabastos to modernize its roads, technological infrastructure, aqueduct network, and more. As a company committed to sustainability, Concesionaria Covial SA ensures that its projects are improving the community’s economic, social and environmental wellbeing. The company also advocates for the inclusion of green spaces in its projects so that its clients can enjoy the natural outdoors. At Corabastos, these green spaces have been a central piece of the market’s redevelopment.

Bodega Fomeque has received a preliminary EDGE certificate from CAMACOL.

Predicted Savings of EDGE Certification


Energy Savings*


Water Savings


Less Embodied Energy in Materials

*Part of the energy efficiency percentage may be associated with virtual energy for comfort depending on the presence of heating and cooling systems. Note that virtual energy does not contribute savings to utility bills.

Technical Solutions


Reduced window to wall ratio, insulated roofing and external walls, energy-saving lighting, occupancy sensors in bathrooms and a skylight to provide daylight to 50% of the top floor area.


Dual flush water closets, aerators for faucets/auto shut-offs for bathrooms and kitchen sinks.


Steel clad sandwich panel for roof construction, honeycomb clay blocks with internal and external plaster for internal and external walls and finished concrete flooring.


Av. Carrera 80 No. 2-51 Bogotá, Colombia


Preliminary EDGE Certificate


January 1, 2019

Floor Space (m2)


Total CO2 Savings (annually)


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