Citra Living Apartment

Citra Living Apartment

Citra Living Apartment is a part of CitraGarden City, a large-scale housing project developed by Ciputra Residence in Jakarta. More like a small city than a neighborhood, CitraGarden City houses more than 50,000 people in a community that offers retail shops, supermarkets, schools, a hospital and more. Citra Living Apartment consists of three towers which contain 750 studio, one and two-bedroom apartments with retail and outdoor space available for residents. The apartments also offer convenient access to the airport and public transportation for travel within the city.

Ciputra Residence describes the design of Citra Living Apartment as “eco culture” because of the property’s aesthetically pleasing design and its green features that also make each tower resource-efficient. The towers have external shading devices and reflective paint on the external walls that help keep the units cool, while low-flow showerheads and faucets conserve water. Ciputra Residence also used construction materials such as autoclaved aerated concrete blocks for the walls, which reduces embodied energy in materials by more than half.

Since 1989, Ciputra Residence has constructed large-scale developments across Indonesia. The company believes that all aspects of design can improve the quality of life for residents in its homes, and so it ensures that its buildings are comfortable, modern and green. Citra Living Apartment has received a preliminary EDGE certificate from the Green Building Council of Indonesia.

Predicted Savings of EDGE Certification


Energy Savings*


Water Savings


Less Embodied Energy in Materials

*Part of the energy efficiency percentage may be associated with virtual energy for comfort depending on the presence of heating and cooling systems. Note that virtual energy does not contribute savings to utility bills.

Technical Solutions


Reflective paint for external walls, external shading devices, insulation of the roof, energy-saving lighting and lighting controls.


Low-flow showerheads and faucets and water-efficient, single-flush water closets.


Precast concrete panels for external walls and autoclaved aerated concrete blocks for internal and external walls.


Citra 7 Extension Blok A5 Jl. Peta Barat, Kel. Kalideres, Kec. Kalideres Jakarta Barat, Jakarta, Indonesia


Preliminary EDGE Certificate


April 1, 2019

Floor Space (m2)


Total CO2 Savings (annually)


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