Climate Change Resilient Pilot Office

Climate Change Resilient Pilot Office

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The Philippines faces a shortage of affordable housing in addition to an increasing frequency of natural disasters that can damage homes, further compounding the housing crisis. The Climate Change Resilient Pilot Office serves as a model home that could help low-income residents most affected by natural disasters and housing shortages. It’s situated on the Bicol State College of Applied Sciences and Technology (BISCAST) campus and also functions as an office for the college.

The home has a safe shelter to provide protection from typhoons or other natural disasters and is slightly elevated from the ground to prevent flooding. It also has advanced systems and solutions that dramatically curb energy usage and nearly eliminate water usage compared to a typical building. BISCAST hopes that the pilot home can be implemented in cities throughout the Philippines.

BISCAST is committed to fostering innovation and technology that builds resilience to challenges caused by climate change. Located in Naga City on the Bicol peninsula, the public university is participating in the Urban Nexus project, to promote a circular economy for cities in emerging markets and increase access to resource-efficient, affordable housing. BISCAST aspires to adopt the approach within its own campus starting with a waste management system. It also plans to integrate EDGE into its curriculum by teaching students how to use the EDGE App. The Climate Change Resilient Pilot Office has received final EDGE certification from the Philippine Green Building Initiative.

Predicted Savings of EDGE Certification


Energy Savings*


Water Savings


Less Embodied Energy in Materials

*Part of the energy efficiency percentage may be associated with virtual energy for comfort depending on the presence of heating and cooling systems. Note that virtual energy does not contribute savings to utility bills.

Technical Solutions


Reduced window to wall ratio, reflective paint/tiles for the roof and external walls, external shading devices, insulation of the roof and external walls, natural ventilation with operable windows and no air-conditioning, ceiling fans for office spaces, energy-saving lighting, lighting controls for corridors and staircases and solar photovoltaics.


Low-flow faucets in bathrooms, dual flush water closets in bathrooms, water-efficient faucets for kitchen sinks, a rainwater harvesting system and grey and black water treatment and recycling systems.


Concrete filler floor slabs, steel (zinc or galvanized iron) sheets on timber rafters for roof construction, medium weight hollow concrete blocks for external walls, plasterboards on timber studs for internal walls, finished concrete flooring and aluminum window frames.


Penafranicia Ave. Naga City, 4400, Philippines


Final EDGE Certification


July 1, 2019

Floor Space (m2)


Total CO2 Savings (annually)


Client Details

Certified By

Philippine Green Building Initiative

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