VERAH Etapa 1

VERAH Etapa 1

Located in the Santiago de Surco district of Lima, VERAH Etapa 1 is a three-building apartment complex with easy access to the main roads of the city, public transportation and shopping areas. Residents of the building’s 141 units will enjoy the complex’s barbeque area, party room, game room, swimming pool and open green spaces, which will allow them to connect with nature and each other.

The one, two and three-bedroom apartments are designed to reduce energy and water usage, allowing residents to save on utility bills and live more environmentally-friendly lifestyles. LED lighting and lighting controls will reduce the apartments’ energy use, while water-efficient water closets and low-flow faucets will reduce the apartments’ water use.

VERAH Etapa 1 has been financed by Paladin Realty and developed by Grupo Caral. Paladin Realty Partners has invested in projects across Latin America, bringing more affordable housing to the market in a socially and environmentally responsible way. The group has financed EDGE-certified projects throughout the region, including Bosque de Serra in Brazil and Villas del Fresno in Mexico. Grupo Caral has more than 11 years of experience developing quality real-estate projects that contribute to the growth and well-being of Peruvian families.

VERAH Etapa 1 has received a preliminary EDGE certificate from GBCI.

Predicted Savings of EDGE Certification


Energy Savings*


Water Savings


Less Embodied Energy in Materials

*Part of the energy efficiency percentage may be associated with virtual energy for comfort depending on the presence of heating and cooling systems. Note that virtual energy does not contribute savings to utility bills.

Technical Solutions


Reduced window to wall ratio, energy-saving lighting in internal and external spaces, and lighting controls in the corridors and staircases.


Water-efficient single-flush water closets and low-flow showerheads, kitchen faucets and washbasins.


In-situ reinforced concrete slabs for floor and roof, in-situ reinforced internal and external walls, and ceramic tile.


Jr. Parque Alto, Jr. Peña Rivera, Jr. Batalla de Miraflores Sub Lote D (Ex-Fundo La Talama), Santiago de Surco, Lima, Peru


Preliminary EDGE Certificate


July 1, 2019

Floor Space (m2)


Total CO2 Savings (annually)


Client Details

Certified By

Green Business Certification Inc.

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