World Bank Group Office Accra

World Bank Group Office Accra

The World Bank Group Office in Accra symbolizes bringing together the skills and expertise of the World Bank Group under one roof. The four-story office fosters collaboration among employees and serves as a focal point for providing excellent services for IFC’s public and private sector clients in Ghana.

Aligned with the World Bank Group’s commitment to environmental sustainability, the building was designed and constructed to conserve natural resources. The office’s green roof insulates the building, mitigating against the heat island effect of Accra, while the central courtyard and elevated floors allow the building to passively cool itself with natural breezes. The mechanical, electrical and plumbing systems of the building also incorporate resource-efficient technologies, including a black water treatment and recycling system. Reuse of the pre-existing floor slab, roof, walls and windows nearly negated embodied energy in materials.

The World Bank Group Office in Accra was designed by the Co-Arc-OOA-ARUP Joint Venture, who carefully considered ergonomic standards, energy conservation and sustainability criteria in the planning of the building. Michiletti & Co. Ltd began construction in 2010 and completed the project in 2013.

The World Bank Group Office Accra has received final EDGE certification from thinkstep-SGS.

Predicted Savings of EDGE Certification


Energy Savings*


Water Savings


Less Embodied Energy in Materials

*Part of the energy efficiency percentage may be associated with virtual energy for comfort depending on the presence of heating and cooling systems. Note that virtual energy does not contribute savings to utility bills.

Technical Solutions


External shading devices, roof insulation, variable refrigerant volume (VRV) cooling system, energy-saving lighting in internal spaces and occupancy sensors in bathrooms, conference rooms, closed cabins and open offices.


Black water treatment and recycling system, dual-flush water closets, water-efficient urinals and low-flow faucets in bathrooms.


Re-use of existing floor slabs, roofing, internal and external walls, flooring and window frames.


3 Independence Avenue Ridge, Accra, Ghana


Final EDGE Certification


June 1, 2019

Floor Space (m2)


Total CO2 Savings (annually)

133.3 t

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