Project Country: Argentina



Edificio Paimun

Edificio Paimun is a 16-unit apartment complex in Quilmes, Buenos Aires. The building will feature a terrace, swimming pool and solarium. The apartments were designed to conserve natural resources using solar hot water collectors, an inverter split cooling system, solar photovoltaics, LED lighting, a rainwater harvesting system, low-flow plumbing fixtures and more. Residents will benefit Edificio Paimun

Escuela Infantil Puerto Madero

Escuela Infantil Puerto Madero - Featured

As the first public preschool for children in the Puerto Madero neighborhood, Escuela Infantil Puerto Madero provides children with a playful, green space to learn. In addition to standard subjects, students in the preschool are also taught about the need to protect and care for the environment. Developed by Corporación Antiguo Puerto Madero (CPM), a Escuela Infantil Puerto Madero