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The free EDGE software offers a measurable way to cut back on the resource intensity of your building design.

The EDGE software can be used for free to design a resource-efficient commercial or residential building in more than 160 countries. Enter as much of your building information as you can, then choose systems and solutions and watch your savings grow. Discover the advantages of smart building design by pinpointing which options have the best results for the least cost.

The EDGE software calculates the utility savings and reduced carbon footprint of your green building against a base case. Your dashboard shows how much extra it costs to build green – and how short a time it takes to earn back the money through operational savings.

Reach the EDGE standard when your project hits 20 percent less energy, water and embodied energy in materials, and your project is ready for EDGE certification. See how you can model an energy-efficient building when you watch the demo.

EDGE Makes it Easy


Beneath the interface is a powerful engine that understands local costs, climatic conditions and occupant behavior.


The ideal bundle of technical solutions can be discovered within minutes.


The EDGE software is free with certification available at a modest cost.


With EDGE, green buildings are suddenly available to all.

The EDGE software now has an elegant new interface and responsive design for the ultimate user experience across all devices.

When resource efficiency is considered at the start, a metrics-driven approach delivers on the promise of optimized design.

The free EDGE software suggests defaults for your project’s base case. As selections are made, EDGE reveals performance through color-coded graphs.

Rather than suggesting the perfect scenario, EDGE encourages exploration. Receive instant feedback to see what works best for your building’s local climate to anchor your actions going forward.

While the 20 percent goal remains constant, the EDGE standard is contextualized to local regulations, costs and available materials. All of the complexity of the energy simulation analysis is hidden beneath the user interface, making it easy to see how much extra it costs to build green – and how short a time it takes to earn back the investment through operational savings.

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