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2 Sessions on Green, Resilient, and Socially Sustainable Affordable Housing

Demand for high-quality affordable housing in emerging economies is vast, creating a promising business opportunity for developers and investors alike.  

Building on its housing finance and construction investment portfolio and complementing existing World Bank Group initiatives across the housing value chain, IFC has launched a number of tools to help developers build their capacity to achieve sustainable, long-term success with green and resilient affordable housing, and to help investors and governments assess and incentivize sustainable projects.  

This webinar series offered an introduction to IFC’s tools, case studies of successful adoption, and next steps to gain greater technical proficiency.  

Session 1

Session 1: Green and Resilient Tools – EDGE and the Building Resilience Index 

Thursday, June 22, 8am-9.15am EDT  

In this session, you will learn about IFC’s innovations for green and resilient affordable housing. EDGE is a green building standard and a certification system that empowers building professionals to quickly and easily determine the most cost-effective ways to build green. During the live demo of the EDGE platform, you will see how the built-in financial calculator makes connections between technical measures and profitability, and how the marketing toolkit helps developers with faster sales through a differentiated offer.  

The Building Resilience Index is a web-based hazard mapping and resilience assessment framework for the building sector. It is designed to facilitate access to location-specific hazard information, provide resilience measures to mitigate applicable risks, and improve transparency for disclosing a building’s resilience information between sector stakeholders. Both instruments can be used to build an investment program and to launch new financial products such as green bonds.  

Watch the Webinar:

Session 1: Green and Resilient Tools – EDGE and the Building Resilience Index 
Session 2

Session 2: Pillar – Supporting Sustainable Homes

Thursday, June 29, 8am-9.15am EDT  

In this session, you will learn about Pillar, IFC’s global housing advisory platform. Pillar helps build more bankable projects by offering the tools to support continuous improvement of developers’ business proficiency and helping them design more affordable and socially sustainable communities aligned with international good practice, yet rooted in an understanding of local conditions. 

Pillar business assessment analyzes developers’ overall proficiency through analysis across four key dimensions of their business, helping foster continuous improvement aligned with IFC standards: financial and business management, project operations, and organization management. Pillar social sustainability assessment benchmarks specific projects against international best practice. This tool assesses how the project aligns with the key elements of social sustainability across the four phases of development: project definition, planning and design, construction, and operations.  

Pillar offers tailored coaching to support the recommendations outlined in the assessment reports.

Session 2: Pillar – Supporting Sustainable Homes

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