Project Building: Education


Edificio de la Facultad de Ciencias P.U.J

The Faculty of Science Building is a new building at the Pontificia Universidad Javeriana, which is home to 36 research labs, 27 teaching labs, and 25 common area spaces. Research conducted in the labs is in the following fields: Pharmaceutical Technology, Electron Microscopy, Immunobiology, and Environmental Biotechnology, among others. The Faculty of Science Building is Edificio de la Facultad de Ciencias P.U.J

Edificio Jorge Hoyos Vasquez

Edificio Jorge Hoyos Vasquez P.U.J is a new building on the Pontificia Universidad Javeriana campus in Bogotá. The building will not only serve those new to the campus but will also be open to those throughout the city. The 10-story building was strategically designed to make use of its surrounding environment, allowing for ample natural Edificio Jorge Hoyos Vasquez

Centro Tecnológico – Campus Independencia

Servicio Nacional de Adiestramiento en Trabajo Industrial (SENATI), an institution providing education and training to the industrial manufacturing sector, has opened a new educational facility in the Independencia district of Lima. The 10-story Centro Tecnológico – Campus Independencia expands SENATI’s educational offerings. Aligned with SENATI’s commitment to lowering its environmental impact and reducing its carbon Centro Tecnológico – Campus Independencia

Gateway International School – Hai Phong Campus

Gateway International School - Hai Phong Campus - Featured

Gateway International School is a leading international school system in Vietnam. The holistic nature of the school’s curriculum encourages social, emotional and academic learning, teaching students to be self-motivated and self-disciplined global citizens. Gateway International School’s Hai Phong campus was designed to conserve natural resources and lower carbon emissions. A variable refrigerant volume cooling system Gateway International School – Hai Phong Campus

Escuela Infantil Puerto Madero

Escuela Infantil Puerto Madero - Featured

As the first public preschool for children in the Puerto Madero neighborhood, Escuela Infantil Puerto Madero provides children with a playful, green space to learn. In addition to standard subjects, students in the preschool are also taught about the need to protect and care for the environment. Developed by Corporación Antiguo Puerto Madero (CPM), a Escuela Infantil Puerto Madero

Faculty of Biology – Building B

Faculty of Biology Building B - Featured

The biology department at the Universitas Gadjah Mada first formed in 1955 as a dedicated space to teach students about Indonesia’s natural resources. While the department has grown since, the desire to understand and protect natural resources still exists, and has even inspired the department to consider its own environmental impact. The new Faculty of Faculty of Biology – Building B