Here’s your complete guide to prepare yourself to become an EDGE Expert.

This page contains instructions on how to take the practice EDGE Exam in preparation to become an EDGE Expert.

Accomplish the following five steps to earn your EDGE Expert credential. Review the study materials, take advantage of practice exams if you wish, schedule and take your exam, then review your test score.

Step One

Ensure Your Eligibility to Earn your EDGE Expert Credential

To become an EDGE Expert, you must have a higher education qualification in a construction industry-related field or three years of experience working in the construction industry (as a skilled professional or tradesperson) and a higher education qualification (not necessarily in a construction industry-related field). LEED APs are automatically prequalified.

Step Two

Complete the EDGE Experts Training to Receive your EDGE Exam Eligibility ID

You must successfully complete EDGE Experts training to become eligible to take the EDGE Exam. EDGE Experts training is offered by an official provider either locally in a classroom environment, online at your own pace, or through livestream training. EDGE Experts online and live stream training typically costs $150.

Once you’ve completed your training, IFC will email an EDGE Exam Eligibility ID to you within two weeks, so you can register for the EDGE Exam. It’s recommended that you start studying during this time. The exam is available in English, Spanish, Chinese, Vietnamese and Indonesian, and costs $100.

Step Three

Review the Learning Materials

Once you’ve taken EDGE Experts training, be sure to thoroughly review the following documents:

For your own reference, you may also wish to review the Branding Guidelines for EDGE Experts and EDGE Auditors.

Step Four

Test Your Knowledge

Now that you’ve studied hard, see how well you do by testing your knowledge. If you’re ready to schedule your exam, you can skip this step.

The EDGE Exam sample questions provide insights as to how the questions will be phrased and the knowledge you’ll be tested on:

To ensure you’re fully prepared, you can also take the EDGE Practice Exam, which is available online in English and costs $30. Here are the instructions to take the EDGE Practice Exam:

Step Five

Schedule Your EDGE Exam

Schedule your EDGE Exam at a test center by visiting the Prometric test site. Note that due to the COVID-19 pandemic, test center availability is changing frequently, with openings occurring on a regular basis. You may wish to reschedule to a test center located closer to you, and/or move your appointment to a time that has become available in the near-term. The list of opened and closed test sites is updated on a weekly basis.

You can also schedule your EDGE Exam remotely, and take it online from the convenience of your home. First you must ensure your computer meets these technical specifications. Once you’ve verified that your computer meets these requirements, you can schedule your online exam.

If you wish to reschedule or cancel your exam appointment, you may do so without a fee up to 30 days prior to your scheduled appointment. From 29 to three calendar days before your appointment, you may reschedule or cancel, but there is a $25 fee. You may not reschedule if your appointment is two or fewer days in the future, and you won’t receive a refund if you cancel with such short notice. Here are the links to reschedule or cancel your exam:

For any additional information, such as personal ID requirements, exam content and length, testing accommodations due to a disability, and how to receive your exam score report, please refer to the comprehensive Candidate Information Bulletin.

IFC introduced EDGE V3 in March 2021. EDGE V3 will become a default version later in 2021. EDGE V2.1 will remain active until December 2025. EDGE expert and auditor training as well as the EDGE exam will remain as is without inclusion of EDGE V3. A transition plan will be introduced for training and the new exam in Q2 2022.

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