Why Choose EDGE?

Because the overall value of EDGE outweighs the extra costs of design and certification, making a clear case for profitability.

Award Recognition

Developers are winning awards for their projects that are certified with EDGE.

Brand Visibility

With plans for a city within a city in Lagos, Eko Atlantic has defined the direction of its brand as certifiably green, attracting global attention for its efforts.

Customer Satisfaction

Prior to purchase, homeowners fully understood the benefits of an EDGE-certified home at Greenox, an iconic residential tower in Istanbul built by Aycan-Feres.

Higher Tenant Capacity

In Accra, monthly utility bills can surpass the price of rent. By positioning itself as EDGE certified, Atlantic Tower attracts multi-national clients while maintaining capacity rates of nearly 100%.

Higher Commercial Rates

ArthaLand’s Century Pacific Tower, which has been triple-certified green including with EDGE Zero Carbon, charges among the highest rates for office space in all of the Philippines because of the building’s sustainability credentials.

Incentives from Banks & Governments

In Colombia, 3G Constructores saved more than $82,000 on a green construction loan from Bancolombia for its EDGE-certified Ambar Infinity project.

Increased Market Share

With its portfolio commitment to EDGE, Balwin Properties is selling a record number of homes in South Africa. The developer recently partnered with a local bank, Absa, on an eco-home loan.

Leaner Investment in Marketing

EDGE certification gave Mexican property developer DCM the opportunity to create commercial alliances to advertise its ELEMENTS project for free, and obtain discounts in media with a focus on sustainability.

Portfolio Opportunity

In the Philippines, Imperial Homes is certifying all of its solar-powered social housing projects with EDGE going forward, bringing more than 700 homes to the real estate market annually.x

Product Differentiation

EDGE factors large in the vision of Peru’s LatAm Logistic Properties, enabling the developer to quantify their value proposition to customers. Their warehouses are the first of their kind in frontier markets.

Quicker Sales Cycles

Capital House sold their EDGE-certified homes in Ho Chi Minh City 20 percent faster than average, which reduced overall costs for the developer by an estimated 3 percent. On the other side of the world, Constructora Bolivar sold out its 127 Living project in a record 45 days. And in Mexico, Casas Krea went from selling 25-30 homes per month on average for its Villas del Fresno project to 49, despite the pandemic.

Re-channeled Operational Savings

Operational savings will pay for the entire cost of construction of the Mother and Baby Unit in Kumasi, Ghana within 20 years. Built by Africa Building Partners, the hospital is certified with EDGE.

Response to Market Demand

Out of 168 units at Revolución 757 in Mexico City, four units were sold because customers insisted on buying a green home. FICADE, the developer, expects this demand to grow exponentially in the future.

Value Transfer

With smart meters installed in each of the homes they finance and manage, International Housing Solutions can prove to South African families that they will save one month of rent each year.

Hear the voices of EDGE.

Across the world developers are coming forward to illuminate how EDGE is helping to define their sustainability strategies, as they transfer value to their customers while boosting their brands.

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    EDGE by Grupo IKON: Creating Customer Value

    Grupo IKON is disrupting the real estate sector in Mexico with residential projects such as Zivalam in Cancun. Co-founder and managing partner Sergio Ramos believes that profit is not everything.

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    EDGE in Nigeria: A Proof of Concept for Mass Housing

    Leaders in the property sector are working to prove the concept that it is possible for mass housing to be built in Nigeria with affordable green homes.

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    EDGE in Mexico: High-Value Green Homes

    As an international brand, EDGE is the certification of choice for residential developers in Mexico. They see the convenience and lack of complexity during the certification process as invaluable.

Join the Path to Decarbonization

Ready to join EDGE in committing to a more sustainable future? Consider partnering with us by becoming an EDGE Champion, or adding your company to our Zero Carbon Pledge Wall. The time for zero carbon is now.

Discover a “who’s who” of developers.

See which developers are registering and certifying their projects with EDGE, and whether they are interested in new sources of investment. It’s a great tool for banks looking for certified green assets to finance. Note that this list is updated on a monthly basis.

Everyone wins by building green.

By bringing together those who design, develop, finance, and incentivize green buildings, EDGE unlocks collaboration and provides a new paradigm for the future.

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EDGE Experts

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