Take your industrial facility to an entirely new level of performance, increasing your profit margin while showcasing your brand with EDGE.

With increased pressures from both governments and big brand clients, manufacturers in emerging markets are turning to green design. EDGE certification offers the light industry sector an opportunity to lower running costs, predict and report on carbon emissions, and demonstrate leadership.

By measuring the performance of a green building against a base case, EDGE provides a single snapshot of energy and water demand. Among the many advantages of EDGE, you can design a better building envelope, choose more efficient heating and cooling systems, and recycle energy and wastewater. EDGE does not include energy or water efficiency measures for manufacturing equipment or the industrial process, however this can be managed outside of EDGE for even greater improvements.


Industrial facilities are resource-intensive and among the worst polluting, leading to intense scrutiny and expectations for an environmentally-conscious approach.


Solving the heavy energy and water consumption of a building and discovering ways to avoid waste sets up a manufacturer for greater profit.


EDGE predicts savings in energy and water as well as carbon emissions, resulting in less business risk, a more conscientious brand, and a new model for the future.

It takes less than 30 minutes to design a resource-efficient development of homes or an apartment building with EDGE. Determine the solutions that make the most sense at the least cost, keeping the preference of your customers in mind. EDGE has built-in climate data that is specific to where your properties are located, for the most accurate results. Go to the EDGE App to get started.

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