EDGE helps minimize energy use for warehouses that are growing in complexity beyond mere storage facilities.

As warehouses become more sophisticated, they are starting to serve as hubs for high-tech tracking, repackaging and quality control testing. Extra activity pushes the demand for energy, which impacts the bottom line unless tightly controlled.

While the more inventory turns over the better, productivity drives up energy costs, which can account for at least 10 percent of your company revenue. Reducing the intensity of lighting and HVAC demand complements other cost-cutting strategies.

EDGE predicts how building orientation and the materials for the roof and façade provide a better indoor environment for products and people. Energy-efficient lighting, skylights and occupancy sensors further drive down costs. Refrigerated warehouses benefit from high-efficiency cases for goods and a well-insulated building envelope. Spacious roofs are perfect for solar installations on any type of warehouse, particularly in sunny climates.


Warehouses where products perpetually move in and out are sensitive to high energy demand, particularly in severe climates.


A minimal cash outlay up front takes just a short time to pay back before a warehouse starts to accumulate savings for the rest of its lifespan.


As the concept of green warehouses is still so new, EDGE provides much-needed guidance based on the purpose and location of the building for the best results.

Take the first steps to designing a resource-efficient warehouse with EDGE.


Building Type

Go to the EDGE App and select the Retail building type.


Location Data

Select your country and city.



Fill in the Basic Parameters, choosing Warehouse and indicating the length of shifts.


Building Data

For the most accurate results, specify the allocation of the building in square meters.


Explore Energy Saving Measures

After completing the inputs on the Design tab, move on to the next step of selecting energy-saving measures.

Explore Energy Saving Measures

It takes less than 30 minutes to design a resource-efficient development of homes or an apartment building with EDGE. Determine the solutions that make the most sense at the least cost, keeping the preference of your customers in mind. EDGE has built-in climate data that is specific to where your properties are located, for the most accurate results. Go to the EDGE App to get started.

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