With EDGE-certified homes, greater value leads to a better brand.

A one bedroom home in the Philippines powered by solar. A comfortable apartment in India without air conditioning. And a condominium with high-performance glass in Jakarta. No matter the product, EDGE enables developers to offer outstanding value to their customers.

Smart homebuyers understand that owning a green home means lower utility bills and a higher re-sale price. They also have a sense of fulfillment that comes from making the right choice. Developers can capture these rewards in living spaces with good ventilation and abundant daylight.

EDGE takes into account occupancy, the owner’s income level and unit sizes to create a benchmark model for either landed homes or apartments. A developer’s design team can then select from such practical solutions as reflective paint, energy-efficient ceiling fans and water-conserving fixtures to create homes of outstanding value. Each homeowner receives an EDGE certificate as proof of delivery on the promise to build green.

By helping developers choose solutions that make sense in a given climate, EDGE ensures performance while protecting the environment. For homes in emerging markets, EDGE is a win-win for all.


How to market to homebuyers’ growing aspirations to live in a green residence by making the right choices at the design stage.


Passing the value of operational savings to homeowners wins their loyalty while leveraging a more responsible brand.


For an investment of 2% of total cost, a developer can sell homes at an 8-9% higher price in nearly half the time, according to Earth Advantage Institute and ENERGY STAR*.


Take the first steps to designing a resource-efficient home with EDGE.


Building Type

Go to the EDGE App and select the Homes building type.


Location Data

Select your country and city, as well as the income category of those who will live in the homes.


Building Data

Fill in the appropriate building data.


Area Details

For the most accurate results, specify the dimensions of the rooms.


Explore Energy Saving Measures

After completing the inputs on the Design tab, move on to the next step of selecting energy-saving measures.


Time for Water and Materials Savings

Select water and materials saving measures to get highest savings for lowest cost.

Time for Water and Materials Savings

It takes less than 30 minutes to design a resource-efficient development of homes or an apartment building with EDGE. Determine the solutions that make the most sense at the least cost, keeping the preference of your customers in mind. EDGE has built-in climate data that is specific to where your properties are located, for the most accurate results. Go to the EDGE App to get started.

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