Building Green – the Business Case

The market potential for green buildings in cities in developing countries is astronomical, according to the IFC report, Green Buildings: A Finance and Policy Blueprint for Emerging Markets.

Green Homes for All

A new segment of the green building movement has a vision that green housing must be for all, especially low-income residents.

Greenox: Turkey’s First Vertical Forest

In the midst of Istanbul’s sprawling concrete jungle lies Turkey’s “first vertical forest.” With 900 trees climbing up its geometric façade, Greenox is an urban landmark for the growing green building trend.

Path to Paris: Building Green

Despite rapid population growth and urbanization, building green can help us achieve the goals of the Paris Agreement and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Reflections on a Shiny Façade

Despite a growing obsession with the sleek, all-glass aesthetic in architecture, floor-to-ceiling glass walls are not a good thing in almost any climate.